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13 May 2013

Henley Homes Williams Landing - new Display Centre!

Hello Henley Homes!

Everyone who reads my AVOD blog knows I am very "drawn" to display homes, is it any wonder!!!

So here I go again!

I actually took these pics during the recent school holidays, with my son Liam.
I love display homes because they are beautiful, and he loves them because some of them have stairs.  What can I say!

Anyway, Henley Homes have about 6-8 homes there on display, all of them brand spanky new Williams Landing!


(photos in no particular order or reason - excuse the amateur photography, I had my crap little camera with me this day not my flashy Canon 500D - bumma)


Loved the Yellow in this home!


Gardens etc

I thought even the outdoor walkways between the Henley homes were pretty good!

Living Areas

The thing with Henley, tbh, their living mostly look the same,
they don't appear to have changed much in five years.
So either people love to buy these homes like this so much so that
they don't want to mess with their "proven" selling design formula,
Or they just can't cut "innovate" new decor styling like Porter Davis does,
I'm just saying...

I took this photo because of the lovely aspect looking out of the fountain
We have a tight space (3mts) next to our dining area too,
and this is how I envisioned my dining view would look 
when I designed our home a few years ago,
I even have the fountain hanging there,
BUT not connected and crap (sorry, I mean "toys") everywhere!!

I  just want to move right into a living area that opens up like that
with a huge slider back window!  Don't you!!!
(ok, crap for flies, but there are new ways to help with that too!!)

There's my son saying - "where are the stairs in here?"
Don't you love the sign 'Butler's Pantry - Please Open"  very inviting!!


The artwork at Henley Homes is what I really enjoyed the most,
not sure why, just eclectic, fun, innovative, interesting and most were unique!
Well Done Henley Design Team I say!!!

This was my favorite art piece they did,
how cute is that - you just want to put them on!


 Just Goregous, probably easy to make too!

Turn your head on the side for these pics!

I'm sorry it's sideways - can't work out how to rotate pics in Blogger,
but you get the idea - very cute!

 More retro uniquness!


I love the bedrooms at Henley Homes.
Inspiration and ideas everywhere!

I loved the Henley bedrooms more than their living areas,
their bathrooms are above average,
and their kitchens go from average to WOZZA!

 This is my son Liam saying "yeah, I like this room mum!"

By the end of the day, I wanted to buy one of these gorgeous dolls,
they really make an impression on you!

 I even took a photo of the make of the doll so I could go home and buy one,
and now I can't read my "out of focus" photograph!!
bugger - does anyone know the make/brand???

I wanted to take this little car home too!
with the boy doll of course!

 And the hats really come off for Henley when they even set up one room as a craft room!
Wish mine looked like that!

And of course my son couldn't resist watching a bit of "Bolt" 
on the tv whilst I was browsing through the single story homes (no stairs!)

Kate (Annie)


stormygirl said...

Loving the wall paneling! I so wish they had this as an option when I built, I would love it down my hallway and into the lounge and dining.

Encore Bride said...

Oh my goodness I love that first house, did you take any pictures of the outside?

K-L said...

"Maileg" bunnies from Brown Button Melb. I think..... x KL

One of my Hobby Blogs said...

Hi Encore = I did, but only rough ones. If you say which one exactly I'll take pics for you next time I'm there. They are pretty amazing looking outside too these days - But remember, these are photos from over six displays, not just one! :) Kate

One of my Hobby Blogs said...

And a big THANK YOU TO K-L (nice initials!! lol

Anyways, yes, they are Maileg Bunnies, not sure that place you said still has them, but there are heaps on eBay, not too expensive, guess whose buying up a few very soon - might give one away on this BLOG!! what a hoot!